Erin Family Photographer | Erin, Ontario

There are so many stories behind this photo shoot! It all started when my friend Rhonda called me to arrange a gift certificate for her Mother-in-law, Carol, for Christmas last year. Later, in February, when I went to the hospital to have my baby, Carol was a Nurse working there and helped me through the first few days as a new mom. Carol was looking forward to the photo shoot but wanted to wait until the birth of her Grandchild in a few months. About 4 months later, I was attending baby group and realized that Carol's new granddaughter was one of the other babies in the group and so I started a new friendship with Carol's other daughter-in-law, Amanda. By this time, another grandchild was on the way for Carol, Rhonda was expecting!
When we eventually got together in the fall for the photo shoot, the family had grown by 2 and I was friends with everyone!

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Pam Breese | Photographer