Welcome to the Party!

Thanks for coming! I wish I could pass out appetizers and drinks to celebrate ... hey maybe I can ... watch for a surprise giveaway at the end of this post!

I thought I would take this chance to share with you how I got to where I am today. If someone told me 1 year ago I would one day be blogging to the universe about my photography I would have thought they were crazy!

I have always been that girl ... the one with the camera, and I have a million albums to prove it. But it was in 2003 when my friends Tammy and Todd must have thought "Hey, Pam likes to take pictures and she has a fancy camera ... maybe we should ask her to be our photographer at our wedding!". And there it was, my first wedding. For the year leading up to their May 2004 wedding I studied photography, took courses, bought more gear and was all around thrilled to have the chance to shoot for them. It really was their trust in me that gave me the confidence to go for it! So I just want to say THANK YOU to Tammy and Todd, if it wasn't for you two, who knows what I would be blogging about right now ...

So now I had myself some gear, some confidence and even some skills. For the next few years I travelled a lot, took lots of pictures and had some fun. Then in 2006, Kevin and Madeline must have said to themselves "Hey, Pam likes to take pictures and has a fancy camera ... maybe we should ask her to be the photographer at our wedding, after all she did it for Tammy and Todd!". And there it was, my second wedding scheduled for June 2007. By this time I was shooting with a digital SLR camera, I had taken more courses, read lots of books, and I was even planning my own wedding so I had lots of ideas! So THANK YOU Kevin and Madeline, if it wasn't for you two I would probably be blogging about Tammy and Todd's wedding and who knows what else right now ...

Then somehow Robin and Chris thought they would trust me to come and take pictures of their one-month-old son! Now that was a new one for me! I didn't run into too many babies while I was travelling or shooting at weddings. Once again, it was the encouragement and the trust from the couple themselves that gave me the confidence to try it out! So THANK YOU to Robin and Chris too, and how cute is Ty?

And then it happened, the word of mouth thing that you always hear about started spreading. I was still trying to get used to the idea myself .... Pam Breese, a photographer. That's a big deal! I did not take this new role lightly. I continued to study photography and learn everyday, as I still do. There are so many great online resources out there for up-and-coming photographers. I plan on sharing lots of them with you in future posts.

It seems like 2008 was the breakout year for Pam Breese ... the photographer. Below I will share a single photo from each shoot that I had in 2008. I plan to dedicate a future post to each individual photo shoot where I will share several shots from each, so keep on coming back for more!

So now what is in store for Pam Breese, photographer? Well, I already have a few bookings for 2009 so I plan to keep shooting, learning, and loving it!

I thought I would end each post with a photography tip that might help you with your everyday pictures. I really believe that there is a photographer in all of us and you don't always need the most expensive gear to make a great picture. I have seen some awesome shots taken with a cell phone! Since I am always learning new things, I'm sure I will never run out of tips to pass along.

Tip #1
Diffuse your flash

If you have ever taken a picture with your flash and noticed that your subject's face was washed our and lacked detail, it was likely because your flash was too intense. This is common with point and shoot cameras since there is little ability to change the intensity or direction of your flash. The first thing I would do is ask myself if I need the flash at all, if not, turn it off. If you need to use your flash, consider diffusing it. One of the easiest ways to do this is to take a white material such as a coffee filter, paper towel, Kleenex .... you get the idea ... and fold it a couple of times and place it directly in front of, actually touching, your flash. You can tape it in place it it is too hard to hold. This will still allow your flash to produce lots of light but it will be more spread out and less intense. Play around with this! You may look silly but your pictures won't!

Now for the surprise giveaway!

Thanks so much to all of you for coming and hanging in there till the end. Since I wasn't able to pass out drinks and appetizers, I would like to hand out a $20 gift card for Tim Hortons! To win, just leave a comment below (click on the word 'comments'). Anyone who leaves a comment to this post before 11 pm on January 4, 2009 (EST) will be eligible to win (first and last names will help a lot!). I will use a random number generator to select the winning post.

Thanks for stopping by! I promise to update the posts as often as I can so please visit again soon!

Pam Breese , Photographer