We have a winner!

Thanks to everyone for the wonderful comments and taking the time to visit my site!
As of 11:00 pm there were 42 comments!
I used a random number generator to select the winner of the $20 Tim Horton's card, the winning comment was number 27 and that was the comment from Andrea who said:

The site looks great! I love checking your photoshop page for new pictures. They're always amazing and help give me some ideas. I'm really looking forward to the tips, I could use some! Congrats!

So Andrea, enjoy some goodies on me!

Now to add a photography tip ...

Tip #2
Eliminate distractions in the background

When I compose an image in my camera I not only look at my subject but I also always scan the background. Try to keep backgrounds simple and free of distractions that may take away from the subject. If I can shift myself up or down or to the side to eliminate something that I don't want in the background then I will. I may also adjust the scene by removing things from the background that I don't want to see. Once, when I was photographing a bride in her front window of her parent's home I had to stop and go outside and move my car! It wad parked in front of the house and it was barely noticeable through the sheer curtains but I could see it and I had to get it outta there!

The party isn't over! Keep on checking in as I add new posts and tips!