Here's my card!

I was pretty excited when the doorbell rang this afternoon. I was hoping it was the UPS fairy with my business card delivery! I am so excited about my new business cards that they even got their own photo session!

The cards are 2 sided, one side has a few pictures and the other side has my contact info. Sure beats the 'print your own' business cards that I was using!



And since I made an official blog post, I have to think of a photography tip too. Let's see ...

Tip #6
Step away from the Christmas Tree! (an intro to depth of field)

I know this tip may be a little late for the holidays but it applies to more than just Christmas trees, you'll see. When photographing people in front of something like a Chirstmas tree it is a good idea to put some distance between the tree and the person. That way you will have a better chance of getting one of those soft backgrounds that we all like so much. Depth of field refers to the portion of the image that is sharp in the scene (I Googled that). Anything that is not at a similar distance from the camera as the subject will be out of focus, and often this is what we want! It is a great way to get your subject to stand out in the picture.

There is a lot more I can tell you about depth of field and getting soft backrounds (involving fancy words like aperture and focal length) but this is just a short tip so you'll have to wait for more ... sorry!

Now onto the examples
Here is a photo that my niece took of me in front of my tree in 2006. I am basically the same distance from the camera as the tree so we are both equally in focus.


Here are a couple from this year that I took.

This is a self-timer shot of Jay and I in front of the tree. I made sure we moved away from the tree a little.


And here is Jay's niece in front of her tree. Note that you don't need the entire tree in the picture to know that it is a tree!


You can try this with all sorts of backgrounds. So next time you want to take a picture of someone in front of something, have them step away!

Maybe you can try this in front of the snow man you made in today's big storm!